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Cuban Supreme - Liquid FlavourArt 10ml


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From the sunny lands of Cuba. Sumptuous, deep, aromatic, fragrant.

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  • Zero Nicotine - Smoking Only To Steam
  • 18mg - If you smoke cigarettes Strong

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Cuban Supreme

Liquido FlavourArt - Cuban Supreme

FlavourArt is on the market as a leading company for demanding clients, to creative personalities, to rigorous professionals and for those who seek harmony of things well.

Nature and 'our teacher and never ceases to surprise us.

So ', when we are about creating an aroma, we do it in mind these simple concepts and try to be more creative. The realization of a flavoring, requires the combination of many factors and is' always (at least for our flavorings) the result of the union of multiple raw materials. Distillates, essential oils, oleoresins, concretes, absolutes, extracted with supercritical CO2. aromatic molecules, biofermentati, reaction products, Maillard ... These and others are the building blocks we use to create your own flavors. Play with loyalty 'the complexity of a perfume created by nature, it requires the use and the clever combination of different ingredients.

You can hardly achieve significant results with formulas below 20-30 ingredients, and in this immense collection of commodities, we must know how to choose the best, the most 'well and fornatural derivatives, the origin and the type of processing. FlavourArt has a catalog of about 1300 raw materials, many of which are present in very small amounts, the stocks maintained at a minimum to ensure always fresh ingredients in each production. Aroma must be good, faithful, must be easy to apply, easy to dose, inalteratamente storable for several months. Is subject to technological treatments of the finished product must be reproducible, it must enhance the quality 'of the food and in which' used. Well, you ask a very flavor and realizzarvelo and 'a complex job, but the result is' a small work of art that makes us proud of our work and confident to offer you something special.

Something unique, and your never boring.

Our job is to give flavor, and we do it with taste.


The product contains nicotine, handled with gloves and keep locked up out of reach of children and pets. In case of illness or accident, seek medical advice showing the label. Nicotine is a toxic substance that can cause addiction. Do not use in case of respiratory or cardiovascular diseases, do not use if you are pregnant orlactating. Store product in a cool, dry place away from heat.

Pericoli liquidi per sigarette elettroniche

By (CASTELLO DI GODEGO, Italy) on 15 Apr. 2016 (Cuban Supreme - Liquid FlavourArt 10ml) :



By (Milano, Italy) on 07 March 2016 (Cuban Supreme - Liquid FlavourArt 10ml) :
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By (Savona, Italy) on 27 Nov. 2015 (Cuban Supreme - Liquid FlavourArt 10ml) :

Cuban supreme

Ottimo, il migliore in assoluto

By (Cognento, Italy) on 21 Oct. 2015 (Cuban Supreme - Liquid FlavourArt 10ml) :

Aroma eccellente.

Da provare

By (BAGNARA DI ROMAGNA, Italy) on 11 Sept. 2015 (Cuban Supreme - Liquid FlavourArt 10ml) :

molto buono

il migliore

By (Cesena, Italy) on 09 June 2015 (Cuban Supreme - Liquid FlavourArt 10ml) :

Un liquido molto buono

Ho provato diversi liquidi ormai di diverse marche. Alla fine torno sempre a questo. non stufa, rende bene la svapata e soddisfa. Non troppo dolce, nè troppo forte. Un mix quasi perfetto. Per me è fra i migliori mai provati.

By (Roma, Italy) on 20 Apr. 2015 (Cuban Supreme - Liquid FlavourArt 10ml) :

Cuban Supreme

Liquido dal sapore ottimo

By (Brembilla, Italy) on 15 May 2014 (Cuban Supreme - Liquid FlavourArt 10ml) :


molto buoni

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